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Attention all noobies!

If you are new to YSFLIGHT but want to play with us then feel free to download the game at the link for their homepage. After that go to Noobies Guide to YSFLIGHT If the game runs slowly when you are playing(in the Open-GL version) then this means that your card is not Open-GL compatable. But don't fret! Just use the non-open gl version. This version has worse graphics but runs way faster on a Open Gl incompatable computer.

There is a new version of YSFLIGHT now!

Go here to download the new version the multiplayer sessions will not work if you don't download the new version.

Times cannot be garunteed but I most likely will be on sometime in the range.

Ill be on IM if I can host at that time.

AIM: danizzil14

Yahoo: daniel31191@sbcglobal.net

MSN: same as yahoo's

-Date: 12/16/2005 Time: 7:56 on up Rules: Anything you want for the first bit and then some WW2 planes.