The Noobs Guide to YSFLIGHT



1. Download the file

2. Unzip the file

3. Install YSFLIGHT

4. Come back here and read the keyboard commands and network instructions.

5. When you are done with this make sure you sign up with the forums.

Keyboard Commands and Instructions

These are the commands that you will use if you use the mouse for control. The mouse control works by pulling the mouse back is like pulling the stick back, and well, I hope you know the rest. Do not use the keyboard to fly the aircraft the developer is still in the production stage w/that and it is really bad. The left mouse button fires and the right one switches weapons.

Keyboard Commands

QThrottle Up
AThrottle Down
WGeometry Wing Widen
SGeometry Wing Shorten
GLanding Gear
EnterWingman Commands(brings up list)
BackspaceAutopilot(brings up list)
EscapeTwice to exit
F1Cockpit View
F2 and F7(from what I can tell)Spot

All of these commands can be changed under: Option-->Config Key/Mouse/Joystick Assignment.If you don't have a joystick goto that menu and down at the bottom of the window that appears click set mouse as default joystick.

Lock On Procedures

All of the missiles in the game are fire and forget. To lock a missile on you need to select your missile.(current weapon is displayed in upper left) Then you need to get the enemy in your local view.(near the crosshairs) Then when in range the green circle will have a flashing green and red box that is when you may fire. If you are being locked on there will be the message in the middle of the screen saying,"You are locked on." If those wors change to missile then that is when you select flare and fire one off and start dodging.

Joining A Multiplayer Session

Your first step is to click on Network-->Client. After that it brings up Host Name and Username. Under Host Name you'll put my ip adress(I host)that I give you over an IM sevice.(see homepage)Under username you'll put a name you deem worthy of yourself.(no bad words peoples) After that you'll hit join. It will take you to a big black screen that has a gray box in it. Select "Choose start Position use the arrow keys to get to RW_01, 02, 03, 04, 05 or 06.(mabie carrier if I says so on my site)Then hit enter and do the same for the aircraft(the weapons selections are self-explanatory)After that if you are on teams put you iff to you teammates.(requires a bit of IM'ing)After that you can hit join flight and off you go!(F12 is chat and it appears in the upper left corner in the game)